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Like I said in a very early post.  Other things need to be done like making sure there is a diverse nomcom.  When the nomcom is as diverse as the board, that's an issue.  We also need to deal with the fact that incombents mostly run for re-election and they are always chosen as candidates.  Since the number of candidates is limited, this also limits diversity choices and favors re-election of incumbents.   I also think that the nomcom needs to be given direction on candidates and diversity.  Maybe that has already happened?  It is certainly not transparent if it has.

Cathy -

    The NomCom has been given guidance with respect to diversity,
    and it’s quite transparent, as it is part of the NomCom charter.

    As I noted to Bill, for several years the Board has included some
    directions on diversity similar in nature to the one below -

"d. ARIN Board Guidance to the 2017 NomCom

The ARIN Board of Trustees notes that diversity in the composition of the Board and the Advisory Council (including but not limited to gender, industry, and geographic diversity) is encouraged, and provides this guidance to the 2017 NomCom for its consideration in the development of the candidate slates.”

   Note that the Board does not control how the NomCom decides to
   handle this encouragement, so it you feel that the Board should get
   more specific in this advice (e.g. specifying one particular aspect of
   diversity that should be fulfilled by the candidate slate), then please
   let a Board member know (I will also note that the Board already has
   the ability to do an appointment to the Board, and such appointments
   have the advantage of not preempting the ability of the members to
   select their own representation.)


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