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Mon Jul 6 19:42:06 EDT 2015

Apologies for top-posting, but isn't the listing of /23s and /24s at


a good enough counter?



On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 6:55 PM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:

> On 7/6/15 16:51 , ARIN wrote:
>> ARIN has issued its response to ACSP Suggestion 2015.9. The suggestion
>> and response text are provided below. This suggestion is now closed and
>> is available at:
>> https://www.arin.net/participate/acsp/suggestions/2015-9.html
>> Regards,
>> Communications and Member Services
>> American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
>> ****
>> Suggestion: *
>> Value to Community: As the available IPv4 free pool becomes
>> progressively more infinitesimal, the legibility of the tiny fraction of
>> a /8 remaining will be much better in scientific notation. For example,
>> today we are at 0.00847. 8.47E-3 is a bit easier to read. As the decimal
>> moves farther to the left, the effect will be more pronounced.
>> This is semi-tongue in cheek, but I couldn't resist. The reality is I
>> don't expect the counter to be relevant long enough for this suggestion
>> to get implemented. It's time to recognize that IPv4 is over and turn
>> our focus to IPv6 deployment.
>> *Response:*
>> Thank you for your suggestion (2015-9) on the topic of changing how ARIN
>> displays the last remaining IPv4 free pool inventory. Although this type
>> of notation could be helpful to some, we have received only one
>> suggestion (from you) to make this change. We agree with your statement
>> that indicates the IPv4 free pool may deplete sooner than we could
>> prioritize this suggestion for implementation. For that reason, we are
>> closing this suggestion without taking further action.
>> Thank you for using the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.
> While I agree with the response given to the specific suggestion of using
> scientific notation, it may be useful to consider part of the value
> statement more as problem statement.  As the available IPv4 free pool
> becomes progressively more infinitesimal, representing the available free
> pool as /8 equivalents will become more and more problematic.
> The primary point being that an accurate representation of the free pool
> inventory will be useful even if it is in fact zero, however usefulness of
> the current representation, based on a /8, is degrading and almost useless
> at this point.
> Given that the free pool is currently slightly more than 500 /24s, and not
> likely to exceed more than a couple thousand /24s for the foreseeable
> future, I would recommend changing the representation from /8 to /24
> equivalents.  This would probably be forever, but if somehow the inventory
> made it above say 20 or 30 thousand /24s then maybe the representation
> could be increased to /16 equivalents or beyond as appropriate.
> If necessary I can submit this as a new suggestions.
> Thanks
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