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Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Wed Oct 31 14:46:03 EDT 2012

On Oct 31, 2012, at 11:27 AM, Leo Vegoda wrote:
> There's lots to get to. Large content providers that come to mind include:
> Facebook, Google, Yahoo! Netflix, Wikimedia and AOL. There's a longer list
> here:

May I suggest that you build a v6-only box in your house and try to use it as your desktop. It will work great for home file serving and things, but you will find yourself unable to complete even the most basic transaction on the Internet. I actually use a v6-only machine as my desktop right now, with IPv4 only available in a VMware window on the machine so that I can get things done. I am very personally directly aware of what you can do with v6 and frankly, it isn't much. There was more useful, productive services on the Internet in 1992 when AOL hit it, got on, and then went home because "there's nothing there".

May I point out that nearly zero tech-industry websites are available in v6?  That's how backwards our industry is.

> Based on the list of names from World IPv6 Launch Day, I think a significant
> amount has been achieved by the operators who implemented IPv6 for their
> content and organisations like ARIN and ISOC who encouraged and supported a
> well-coordinated launch. 

Hahahaha that's funny. The vast majority of those participants have nothing more than a single page there. For example, Comcast claims to be the only large ISP providing IPv6, but they have only a single page available on IPv6 and no service for consumers at all. Frankly, I feel that most of those participants should be chided for playing marketing games with us without enabling even the most basic services on IPv6. For 2013, you have seriously got to refuse to list anyone who doesn't make their primary product available over IPv6.

Today, right now, IPv6 is useful only to go to the ipv6 test site and clap yourself on the back for getting all green buttons. There's no other reason to turn it on. Don't try to tell me I'm wrong, because my home desktop lives in this world. You should try it.

Jo Rhett
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