[ARIN-consult] discounting registration fees for IPv6 assignments

Michael Richardson mcr+arin at sandelman.ca
Wed Oct 31 08:45:53 EDT 2012

>>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse D Geddis <jesse at la-broadband.com> writes:
    Jesse> I don't think it would hurt anything to use a standard flat fee per block
    Jesse> size. I have a feeling it would lower costs significantly for the vast
    Jesse> majority of people and I think it would also server better to get IPv6 out
    Jesse> there. I also think it would force carriers to take efficiency in
    Jesse> addressing much more seriously than they do now. All of these are good
    Jesse> things There's no better time than now, with IPv6 in relative infancy to
    Jesse> start fostering such things with policy and fees.

Further, IPv6 is for more than the Internet.
Address space != default-free-zone-router slot.

Enterprises need IPv6 space for use internally (they might have PA
addresses as well). ULA won't cut it in a big organization.

Products/systems often need IPv6 space for use *inside-the-chassis*

** But, for now, the policy says that you can't have it unless you have two
** upstreams...that's a policy discussion.

-> Fine, but don't tie IPv6 pricing to IPv4 scarcity.

(If people are worried about DFZ routing slots, then find a way to write
olicy to discourage the piles of IPv4/24s that pollute the table)

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