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Michael Richardson mcr+arin at sandelman.ca
Tue Oct 30 10:11:50 EDT 2012


>>>>> "Jo" == Jo Rhett <jrhett at netconsonance.com> writes:
    Jo> On Oct 29, 2012, at 1:23 PM, Michael Richardson wrote:
    >> I am pleased to see new lower fees for XX-Small.  
    >> However, I continue to see that ARIN continues to get in the way of
    >> innovative usage of IPV6 by tying IPv6 allocations to the cost of IPv4
    >> allocations. 

    Jo> I don't believe that they are tied together at all.  You can
    Jo> have v6 without v4 and vice versa. Right now you are not paying
    Jo> twice the price for having both, as to avoid penalizing people
    Jo> who are migration from v4 to v6. 

The price of an IPv6 allocation can not go down, because it includes
IPv4 space.  You are thinking/talking like an encumbent who already has
lots of IPv4 space.  New entrants have no v4 space, and might not need any.

    >> I suggest a new End-User assignment size of XXX-v6only (well,
    >> maybe a bad name) 
    >> which would be for a /48 or smaller only, and no IPv4 space at all.
    >> My goal is to get the cost of this down far enough that it becomes a
    >> no-brainer for a low-level engineering manager to just expense.

    Jo> Please help me understand. Since you need to peer with at least
    Jo> two providers independantly to justify a direct ARIN allocation,

That in itself is a problem, but:

1) *many*, *many*, *many* organizations have IPv4/28s's from several
   providers, and use NAT.  
   Unless you think that said organizations should use NAT66 or NPT66, 
   they need something, and ULA-Random doesn't cut it.
   They don't want to get a /48 from one upstream because:
   a) it locks them to one provider.
   b) upstream is too clueless to have IPv6 (so, they might want to 
      change...see point-a)

2) We continue to have no policy for Non-Connected Networks, but part of
   the problem is that we have no price for IPv6 only, so it's really
   hard to understand what the policy might be.

IPv6 is for more than just the Internet.

    Jo> Jo Rhett
    Jo> Net Consonance : net philanthropy to improve open source and
    Jo> internet projects. 

Imagine that you had an open source project that could benefit from
IPv6 *internal* connectivity among it's *components* and/or *members*
Could you officially get a /48 to number it?  

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