[ARIN-consult] discounting registration fees for IPv6 assignments

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Sun Oct 28 18:36:36 EDT 2012

On Oct 28, 2012, at 1:33 PM, "Jesse D. Geddis" <jesse at la-broadband.com> wrote:
> I was motivated by it and even ended up moving primarily to IPv6 over v4. However, with the proposed policy my fees will be $2k based on my default /32 allocation instead of my v4 allocation which would be $1k.

Okay so, since you're putting yourself forward as an example:

If $2,000 is more than you were paying before, that means that you had a /21 of IPv4 or less, in addition to your /32 of IPv6.

If you have fewer than 19,807,040,628,566,100,000,000,000,000 hosts, then you're actually in really good shape.  You can just hand back a /33 and a /34 until you need them, and you'll be paying $1,000 year, a 20% savings from the $1,250 that you're paying right now.  Moreover, you could get another /21 of IPv4 space (provided you need it) without an increase in fees, which would not have been possible under the old pricing.

So, is the $250/year discount objectionable, or do you have more than 19,807,040,628,566,100,000,000,000,000 hosts?

I'm not sure I'm seeing a problem here.


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