[ARIN-consult] Fee restructuring

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Oct 25 17:35:24 EDT 2012

This fee restructuring places a number of incentives in the exactly wrong direction.

1. In many cases (especially end users), their fees are doubled if they adopt IPv6. At the very least, end users should not be made to pay additional annual fees as a penalty for adopting IPv6. If anything, I would suggest that ARIN consider a structure like this:

IPv4 records and ASNs: $100/year per record
IPv6 records: $100/year per record, but subtract up to 2 IPv4 record fees from your annual invoice per IPv6 record.

This would create an incentive to adopt IPv6 instead of the currently proposed disincentive.

Additionally, end-users faced with this fee structure are faced with an incentive to do very bad things to the ARIN free pool. Consider, for example, an organization with multiple disparate small blocks. Perhaps these are 129 /24 blocks which would result in annual fees of $12,900. This user would be faced with a situation where it is in their extreme best interest to return those 129 blocks to ARIN and request a /16 which is fully supported under current amnesty policy, resulting in new fees of $100/year, even though 127 /24s of that new /16 will go unused vs. $12,900 for their current situation.

It is my considered opinion that these incentives as currently described in the proposed fee structure are ill-advised and potentially harmful to end-users, ARIN, and possibly even the internet in general.


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