[ARIN-consult] [arin-announce] Fee Schedule Change Consultation

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Nov 20 11:06:23 EST 2012

On 11/20/12 07:44 , Owen DeLong wrote:
> For those that have /32s only because /36s weren't an option in policy when they obtained their space, the option does exist to consolidate into a /36 of your /32 and return the remainder to ARIN in order to become an X-Small IPv6 if the proposed fee structure is implemented.
> Personally, I would rather see the fee structure modified so that /32s issued to X-small IPv4 providers prior to the policy change that allowed for /36s were grandfathered as X-Small in the IPv6 category, but, I wouldn't want to create a blanket exemption for all /32 holders or even all X-small IPv4 holders.

Rather than a permanent exemption, I would like to see a multi-year 
transition wavier period.  Say like three years, where if they are not 
growing they may reduce down to with the /36, returning the rest of the 
/32 and maintain x-small ISP fee.  Or, at the end of the three years 
keep the /32 and increase to the small ISP fee, hopefully because they 
have grown sufficiently anyway.  However, I believe it is reasonable to 
give them a transition period and a choice, whichever they make in the 
end is up to them.  They should be given time execute the return if that 
is what they decide to do, and a three year transition period seems more 
than generous.

While hard to imagine things getting as problematic as the current IPv4 
legacy issues, creating a permanent exemptions like this will likely 
lead to similar kind of issues in the long-run.  Therefore, it is 
probably best to avoid the issue by putting a sunset on any exemption 
and turning it into a transition period.

While I wouldn't phase in all the fee increase created by this fee 
realignment, this IPv6 x-small ISP issue has been a problem for a while 
now.  Between the policy change allowing for an optional /36 IPv6 ISP 
allocation and this fee realignment I think we have the long-term 
solution, now we need to figure out a transition for those caught in the 


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