[ARIN-consult] [arin-announce] Fee Schedule Change Consultation

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 16 11:10:42 EST 2012

That would be more palatable, but, I would like to see us consider doing more to get a greater portion of end-users that are currently not paying fees at all contributing to the fee pool prior to giving a 100% or more fee increase to anyone.

The proposed modification below would still be a 100% increase in fees for me and even more for many other organizations that have multiple IPv4 records as a result of slow start and other policies which prevented them from getting the space they needed in a single transaction.

Originally, I didn't consider that a major issue because I was told by the RSHD representative in Dallas that I would be able to do an amnesty request under LRSA and have the replacement space covered by that same LRSA. However, when I attempted to actually do so, my request was approved on the condition of signing a current RSA and not the LRSA. Since the current RSA would remove any protections present in my LRSA against future fee increases, that's somewhat untenable.

So, if amnesty requests can be performed such that the replacement single record can be maintained under the same RSA or LRSA as the original space, then I have no objection to the proposed fees modified as you describe below. However, without that possibility, I believe that the proposed fee restructuring is still disproportionately detrimental to LRSA signatories and violates the spirit of what I was told by ARIN prior to signing the LRSA.


On Nov 16, 2012, at 07:54 , John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

> On Nov 16, 2012, at 10:20 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com>
> wrote:
>> I have no problem with the policies.
>> The proposed fee increases, OTOH...
> Owen - 
> As I understand it, you do not support changing from a single 
> $100 end-user maintenance fee for unlimited number of resources 
> to having a $100 maintenance fee per resource, is that correct?
> If the proposed fees were modified (as has also been discussed)
> such that the first $100 maintenance fee covered 1 IPv4 prefix,
> 1 IPv6 prefix, and 1 AS number, would you then be in support?
> Thanks,
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO

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