[ARIN-consult] Pricing

Jeremy Anthony Kinsey jer at mia.net
Fri Nov 9 16:52:56 EST 2012

I guess I was not subscribed to this list on the 26th when I sent an email which went to moderation and was never responded to.  Just realized that now..

Anyway, that being said I am curious about the borderline nature of the fee schedule. While I understand it and can see the logic with regards to the lowering/raising, I an interested to know how many "small to medium" ISP's fit in that "borderline" area where as they are just SLIGHTLY over that threshold and are being asked to double their payment. Meanwhile others are seeing a decrease?   

More to the point.  Two ISP's paying $4k each with one with the maximum allocation and one with nearly 1/3'rd of that total seems disproportionate.  While I realize there had to be some cut off, what percentage of those 505 caught with a near double increase in their fees are in this particular situation?

"We are consulting with the community regarding changes to the ARIN Fee
Schedule that are scheduled for implementation in January of 2013. The
changes to the fee schedule including an alignment of the IPv4 and IPv6
fee schedules for ISPs into single set of registration services plans
based on total resources held, introduction of with per address block and
per ASN maintenance fees for end-users, and addition of very low cost
category (e.g. XX-Small) for the smallest organizations."

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