[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Registration Services Agreement 11.0 Now Open - corrected URL

Mike Joseph mjoseph at google.com
Mon Mar 26 11:49:13 EDT 2012

Google would like to propose the following changes to the new RSA draft:

1. Sec. 2(e): We propose a sentence at the end of this section that
allows ARIN, where possible, to give the Holder notice of any such
governmental or judicial inquiry or order. Suggested language:
"However, where legally permitted, ARIN will notify Holder of any such
court order or direction, and will give Holder the opportunity to
protect its interest in the Service before stopping any Service or
terminating this Agreement."

2. Sec. 11(a): Indemnification is a provision designed to deal with
third-party claims. A failure to make this explicit could possibly
give a right to recover under the indemnity clause for a breach of
contract. We would propose clarifying this by adding "by a third
party" after "brought or asserted."

3. Sec. 11(b): If a Holder is obligated to indemnify, then they will
most likely want to choose and direct their own counsel. Because the
Holder is indemnifying ARIN, ARIN does not need the ability to control
the disposition of the claim -- that is the role of the indemnifying
party. Therefore, we propose a provision like this: "ARIN has the
right to approve any counsel retained to defend against any claim in
which ARIN is named a defendant, and ARIN will not unreasonably
withhold such approval. ARIN has the right to control and participate
in the defense of any such claim concerning matters that relate to
ARIN, and Holder will not settle any such claim without ARIN's
reasonable consent. If, in ARIN's reasonable judgment, a conflict
exists between the interests of ARIN and Holder in such a claim, ARIN
may retain its own counsel whose reasonable fees will be paid by

4. Sec. 11(c): As currently drafted, this provision casts a wide net.
Proposed rewrite: “Holder will provide written notice to ARIN promptly
of any Claim brought or asserted against any of the Indemnified
Parties alleging facts or circumstances that, in any way, whether
directly or indirectly, relate to, arise from, or may be connected
with the acts or omissions listed in Section 11(a) above.”

Thanks for your consideration of these proposed changes.

Mike Joseph
Google Network Engineering

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