[ARIN-consult] Call for Community Consultation -- Retiring ARIN E-mail Templates

Rich Emmings rich at nic.umass.edu
Fri Sep 25 16:26:34 EDT 2009

The web interface is glacially slow and overly 
awkward.  It poorly renders the pages in some 
cases/browser configurations[1].

Some of the workflows in the web interface still 
require an email confirmation to complete.  So email 
does not seem to be going away.

Emails allow longer forms to be completed over 
multiple work sessions, saving the file until the 
application is completed.  A local copy is created 
and besides sending it to ARIN, it can be sent from 
role accounts and cc'd to others.

The email interface should be retained indefinitely.
If ARIN doesn't want to maintain two systems. then 
dump the web interface and keep email.

[1] where other sites do not have the same issues.

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