[ARIN-consult] ARIN Resource Revocation Procedures

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Oct 9 08:32:04 EDT 2009

> But ARIN would put itself at 
> the end of the line of creditors to be paid if it maintains 
> too long a redemption policy before revocation.

ARIN could afford to do that, even if it never gets paid in 
many such situations. As long as the resources are in active
use, then ARIN is fulfilling its purpose.

It also avoids the sticky situation of what to do after revocation.
ARIN can'te exactly prevent the organization from continuing to
use the resources, and if the resources were allocated to another
organization, then they would be embroiled in a technology and
legal tussle to be able to use them.

--Michael Dillon

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