[consult] Call for Consultation: ARIN WHOIS Directory Services

michael.c.loevner at verizon.com michael.c.loevner at verizon.com
Wed Jul 25 10:25:38 EDT 2007

Reposting from ARIN discuss:

For example, I personally would like to see the following (not picking on 
AT&T, just an easy example to use):

1. Entering "" returns only the record for that exact CIDR 
block, if were entered in this fashion, it would provide no 

2. Entering ">!" returns all records for and all 
network within subdelegated from This query returns far too 
many records to be of much use (to me, and I think it crashed my browser) 
and this can already be done with nethandles, but my next example 
currently cannot.

3.  Entering ">!" returns all networks falling within the CIDR boundary.  Since is not a currently 
registered address block, this adds a new level of functionality that 
would be appreciated, and provides me with a list of a couple hundred 
records rather than the unmanageable number that comes up from querying 
the whole block.

4.  Also, if I entered ">!", I would like to see all 
reassignments of both and as well as the records for 
both and

The CIDR queries should allow us to query a portion of a registered block 
as well as across multiple registered blocks.  The only caveat is the 
number of records returned possbly bogging down the database.  Maybe there 
should there be a limit on the number of records or the length of the 
prefix that can be queried.


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[consult] Call for Consultation: ARIN WHOIS Directory Services

ARIN received a suggestion to allow CIDR style queries to the ARIN WHOIS
directory service. In addition to this enhancement, ARIN would like to
explore other possible modifications that the community desires. ARIN
requests that you provide specific feedback as to what additional WHOIS
enhancements would benefit you and why they are needed.

Discussion on this list will close at noon ET 27 July. A poll on the 
topic will be conducted beginning Tuesday, 31 July. Only subscribers on 
the consult at arin.net list when the poll opens will be eligible to 
participate. Poll results will be publicly available and will be used by 
the ARIN President to help determine what course of action, if any, ARIN 
should take regarding the subject.

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process documentation is available 

We welcome community-wide participation.  Please address any process
questions to info at arin.net.


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