[arin-announce] ACSP Consultation 2021.1: Future of ARIN’s Unauthenticated IRR is now Closed

ARIN info at arin.net
Mon Mar 15 15:47:00 EDT 2021

I would like to thank everyone who provided valuable feedback during this consultation on the future of ARIN’s unauthenticated IRR. Input provided by the community is a vital part of our planning processes at ARIN, and after reviewing responses to the consultation, we are making a few significant adjustments in our path forward.

One concern raised during the consultation was that six months was not enough time for organizations that currently depend on data in ARIN’s unauthenticated IRR to make changes to their systems. As a result, we will be extending the availability of ARIN’s non-authenticated IRR for an additional six months with final retirement set for 31 March 2022.

The second major suggestion was that ARIN conduct proactive engagement to notifying customers who currently use our unauthenticated IRR. We have already initiated this outreach, and for the next twelve months, we will continue this direct outreach to customers who have records in ARIN’s non-authenticated IRR to inform them of their options and provide necessary assistance. 

We will also provide regular reminders and updates to our community and organizations making use of the outdated and non-authenticated IRR data stream so they can be ready for when we cease publishing the ARIN-NONAUTH data stream. These reminders leading up to the retirement of ARIN’s non-authenticated IRR will include statistics on the number of records remaining in that system and related routing coverage.  

Thank you again to those who provided valuable feedback on this consultation.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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