[arin-announce] Invitation to the Internet Numbers Community to Participate as Observers in the ASO AC and IANA RC Teleconferences

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Tue Jan 5 09:22:35 EST 2021

This message is sent on behalf for the Address Supporting Organization to the ARIN community:


The ASO[1] is one of ICANN’s three Supporting Organizations. They review 

and develop recommendations on Internet Protocol (IP) address policy and 

advise the ICANN Board on policy issues relating to the operation, 

assignment, and management of IP addresses. The ASO Address Council (ASO 

AC)[2] hold monthly teleconferences, usually on the first Wednesday of 

each month, with exceptions to avoid clashes with Regional Internet 

Registry meetings and other meetings relevant to the Internet Numbers 



Likewise, the IANA Review Committee (IANA RC)[3] advises the NRO EC in 

its annual review of the service level of the IANA Numbering Services 

provided to the Regional Internet Registries. The IANA RC hold three or 

four teleconference meetings each year, on dates agreed by the members 

to prepare their annual report.


The dates for the 2021 meetings of both groups are currently being 

updated and are available at the following links:


ASO AC Meeting Schedule:



IANA RC Meetings Schedule:



Both the ASO AC and the IANA RC meetings are open to observers. Zoom 

information is published at the above URLs on the eve of each meeting.



[1] Address Supporting Organization: https://aso.icann.org/


[2] Address Supporting Organization Address Council: 



[3] IANA Review Committee: 





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