[arin-announce] Congratulations to the first ARIN Community Grant Recipients

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Tue Sep 3 14:01:31 EDT 2019

The ARIN Community Grant Program provides financial grants in support of
initiatives that improve the overall Internet industry and Internet user
environment. In its inaugural year, the ARIN Grant Selection Committee
selected four projects to receive funding, and the ARIN Board of
Trustees approved the selections.

The 2019 grants were awarded to:

  * DNS Open-Source Tools Enhancement & Maintenance
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    Grant amount: $7,500

  * IPv6 Training for Enterprises
    Industry Network Technology Council
    Fairfax, VA, USA
    Grant amount: $20,000

  * CrypTech Open Source Cryptography Project
    CrypTech/Stitching NLnet
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Grant amount: $10,000

  * Global NOG Alliance Admin Tool
    Global NOG Alliance
    Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
    Grant amount: $7,000

More information about each of these projects, including application
statistics, is available at:

Thank you to everyone who applied for a grant this year. Applications
will be accepted for next year’s program beginning in March 2020.


Jennifer Bly
Public Affairs Specialist
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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