[arin-announce] ARIN Announces Initial Slate of Candidates for 2018 ARIN Elections; Petition Period Now Open

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Mon Sep 3 12:21:29 EDT 2018

Elections for two seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and five seats on 
the ARIN Advisory Council (AC) will be held online 4-12 October 2018.

ARIN Trustees Paul Andersen (Chair) and Aaron Hughes as well as AC 
members Amy Potter, Kerrie Richards, Robert Seastrom, John Springer, and 
Alicia Trotman will conclude their current terms on 31 December 2018. 
John Springer is not seeking re-election. On behalf of the ARIN 
community, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the above-named individuals 
for their ongoing commitment, time, and service over the years.

The 2018 Nomination Committee has put forth the following candidates who 
have agreed to run for the terms that will begin on 1 January 2019:

ARIN Trustees:
•    Paul Andersen, P. Eng., EGATE Networks Inc.
•    Peter Harrison, Colovore LLC
•    Cathy Chen-Rennie, Capriole Consulting Inc.
•    Anna Valsami, Telstra Inc.

Advisory Council:
•    Brad Gorman, Verisign, Inc.
•    Kathleen Hunter, Comcast LLC
•    Amy Potter (No Affiliation)
•    Kerrie-Ann Richards, VFJ Coding Ltd.
•    Rob Seastrom, ByteGrid
•    Alicia Trotman (No Affiliation)

A compilation of candidate biographies and questionnaire responses is 
available in a PDF at:


Candidate Statements of Support may be made at:


Please note that all candidate Statements of Support are automatically 
held for moderation and will be posted, upon approval, within one 
business day.

ARIN would also like to announce at this time that the Call for 
Petitions is now open. Any individual, regardless of membership status, 
may be placed on the ballot for election to the ARIN Board of Trustees 
or Advisory Council if they successfully complete the ARIN petition 
process. (ARIN Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.b.)

Petition requests must be submitted by 9 September 2018. For a candidate 
to be placed on the ballot, a petition must obtain the support of at 
least 92 eligible Voting Contacts from General Members in Good Standing 
(2% of eligible voters as of 2 July 2018 when nominations opened) no 
later than 23 September. For details about the petition process, please 


ARIN will announce a final Slate of Candidates for the ARIN Board of 
Trustees and Advisory Council no later than 24 September.

On behalf of ARIN and the ARIN community, congratulations and good luck 
to this year’s candidates. ARIN acknowledges and values the time and 
commitment that elected candidates are willing to make towards ensuring 
the viability and growth of ARIN, the community, and the Internet. ARIN 
also recognizes and wishes to thank its member organizations, 
specifically Voting Contacts, whose ongoing involvement and ballots are 
crucial for electing ARIN leadership who will help shape the future of 
ARIN and the Internet! ARIN would also like to thank members of this 
year’s Nomination Committee who worked hard to produce a solid slate of 
candidates for this year’s elections.

For questions related to the election process, please email the Member 
Services team at members at arin.net.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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