[arin-announce] IANA Issues /21 to ARIN, 7 Waiting List Requests Fulfilled

ARIN info at arin.net
Fri Mar 2 15:16:07 EST 2018

On 1 March 2018, ARIN received a total of /21 of IPv4 address space (one
/23 block and six /24 blocks) from the IANA in accordance with the
Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the
IANA. The full text of that policy is available at:

As a result of this distribution from the IANA, ARIN was able to fulfill
7 requests on the Waiting List for Unmet Requests. The organizations
associated with these requests have received notice that they are
approved to receive IPv4 address space as a result. The ARIN IPv4
Waiting List page will reflect these changes by tomorrow morning. The
ARIN IPv4 Waiting List may be found at:

Please contact hostmaster at arin.net or our Help Desk +1.703.227.0660 if
you have any questions.


John Sweeting
Senior Director, Registration Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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