[arin-announce] ARIN DDoS Attack

ARIN info at arin.net
Fri Feb 26 14:57:50 EST 2016

Starting at 10:45 AM EST on Friday, 26 February, ARIN was a victim of a 
massive DNS amplification DDoS attack. This was and continues to be a 
sustained attack against our provisioning services, email, and website. 
We initiated our DDoS mitigation plan and as of 12:00 PM EST, the attack 
traffic effects have been mitigated and normal operations have resumed. 
All our other public-facing services (Whois, Whois-RWS, RDAP, DNS, IRR, 
and RPKI repository services) were not affected by this attack and are 
operating normally.


Mark Kosters
Chief Technology Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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