[arin-announce] IRR Route Validation Consultation Extended to 24 April

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Apr 15 10:58:35 EDT 2015

ARIN has extended the discussion period for the community consultation 
about its Internet Routing Registry service. The new closing date is 
Friday, 24 April.

ARIN is seeking feedback on the following questions:

1.	Should ARIN begin a new project to enable IRR route object validation 
to the ARIN registry database? If this consultation results in support 
for moving forward in this area of work, it will be taken under 
advisement by the ARIN Board of Trustees for consideration as a new area 
of priority by the ARIN organization. If approved, ARIN staff would 
participate in community-driven initiatives in this area, and using 
information gathered from these initiatives and this consultation, 
produce a specific proposal to move forward.

2.	If yes, should this effort be coordinated with other RIRs to help 
facilitate cross-registry authentication?

3.	If yes, should this effort also support third party IRR route object 

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We encourage community members to provide comments to 
arin-consult at arin.net regarding this topic.

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