[arin-announce] IANA Oversight Transition: Next Steps

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Fri Jun 20 11:02:46 EDT 2014

Earlier this month ICANN published the "Process to Develop the Proposal
and Next Steps"; the culmination of community discussions and input on
the process for developing the proposal on how to transition the IANA
functions to the global multistakeholder community.

Included in the next steps is the creation of a 25-member Coordination
Group representing many stakeholder communities. The structure of the
Coordination Group is explained in the process document, available at:

The Coordination Group will include two representatives from the Number
Resource Organization (NRO), which represents the five Regional Internet
Registries (RIRs). The NRO Executive Council, comprised of the five RIR
Directors, met on Tuesday, 17 June and appointed Adiel Akplogan (AFRINIC
CEO) and Paul Wilson (APNIC Director General)) to represent the NRO on
the Coordination Group.

The Coordination Group will also include one representative from the
ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO). The ASO function is carried
out by the NRO Number Council, who are elected by the five RIR
communities. This representative has not yet been selected.

The five RIR communities are each discussing the transition of IANA
oversight in their own forums. The two NRO representatives and one ASO
representative will ensure that the output of these discussions is fed
into the global discussion and reflected in the final proposal to the NTIA.

Face-to-face discussions on the NTIA Transition of the IANA functions
oversight will take place next week in London at ICANN 50. We encourage
you to check the ICANN agenda and tune in remotely to the relevant
sessions relating to IANA, beginning Monday 23 June. You will find
information about the sessions and remote participation here:


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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