[arin-announce] Consultation on New Experimental Allocation

ARIN info at arin.net
Mon Aug 4 13:18:20 EDT 2014

ARIN is soliciting community input on a proposed experiment that will
require the temporary use of space from, the IPv4
addresses reserved to facilitate IPv6 deployment. (see NRPM policy 4.10
https://www.arin.net/policy/nrpm.html#four10 )

There has been much discussion on the NANOG mailing list about the
usability / routability of prefixes longer than a /24. In order to try
to provide some additional data on this topic, the RIPE NCC has
requested a small block of address space from the reserved /10 in order
to run the following experiment:

RIPE Routing Information System (RIS) plans to announce a few blocks of
sizes /24 to /28 (no more then ten at a time) out of the 23.128/10. They
will monitor how this address space propagates in BGP and its reachability.

    *  This experiment will provide the global community with insight on
whether prefixes longer than a /24 from 23.128/10 are useable and
reachable on the global Internet.

    *  A description of this experiment, as well as the results of this
research, will be published on https://labs.ripe.net/ . Additionally,
ARIN will provide a link to the RIPE Labs page, as well as the end date
of this experiment in the public Whois record of this registration.

Do you support the use of this reserved space for this experiment or
not, and why? Please provide comments to arin-consult at arin.net. You can
subscribe to this mailing list at:

This consultation will remain open through 5:00 PM EDT on Monday, 1
September 2014.


Leslie Nobile
Director of Registration Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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