[arin-announce] ARIN IPv6 Wiki Relaunched

ARIN info at arin.net
Mon Jun 17 11:37:07 EDT 2013

Six years ago, ARIN established a wiki solely focused on offering a
forum where our community could collect or provide timely and usable
information about IPv6, from basic education through planning
deployments and implementing on networks. In that time both ARIN staff
and members of the ARIN and global Internet community have made
contributions to the content of the site. Today we are happy to announce
a significant enhancement to this offering. While the URL
http://getipv6.info and much of the content remains the same, the system
behind the website has been totally revamped. Here are some of the new
features/changes you can look forward to taking advantage of:

* More intuitive editing of documents -- wiki markup skills are no
longer required
* Hierarchical organization of pages allowing information to be
organized logically and consistently
* Ability to create pages with rich, dynamic content and use of dozens
of macros
* Easy to use tools for the creation of flowcharts and diagrams
* Mobile-friendly design as well as many desktop interface improvements
* User feedback form at the bottom of every page to highlight helpful
content in search results and assist in identifying content needing revision
* Tighter spam controls - to request a new user account, please contact
us at webmaster at arin.net

Please see this features page
(https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/features) to see the
other new features the site has gained by moving from using Mediawiki to
Confluence as the wiki software.

We hope this is just the beginning! All interested individuals in the
community are invited to use http://www.getipv6.info to post information
they believe may be helpful to others looking at implementations or
migrations of networks to IPv6. This can include recommended practices,
success stories, case studies, and general information on using IPv6 in
the ARIN region. Our intent continues to be to foster a site that is
useful and relevant to our community, and particularly to those involved
with IPv6 within the ARIN region. We know that there is an incredible
range of knowledge available in the ARIN community and we hope this site
grows as a valuable source for that kind of information.

As was the case with the former version of this site, it will be an open
and organic repository of information. To help begin and frame the focus
of the site, some relevant links back to ARIN's main website have been
added, and general policies regarding acceptable use and privacy have
been created and posted.

Those unfamiliar with wiki-based websites should review the Confluence
User's Guide before getting started. The guide is available at:


Individuals with questions or suggestions about this site may send them
to webmaster at arin.net. With a newly revamped and reinvigorated IPv6
wiki, we hope you'll take another look at the site and possibly either
find an answer to a question or provide an answer to another member of
our community.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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