[arin-announce] New ARIN Online Improvements Released

ARIN info at arin.net
Mon Jan 30 10:57:11 EST 2012

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of several improvements to ARIN
Online.  We have completed the implementation of Policy 2011-3, and are
now able to issue /20 and larger IPv6 address blocks. Other improvements
were made to our internal systems to help our Registration and Financial
Services  departments better serve ARIN customers.

ARIN Online has grown tremendously since its initial deployment in
October 2008.  To see how far we have come, what is currently being
developed, and future goals, visit: https://www.arin.net/features/

And to further help you visualize which actions can be performed via
ARIN Online and RESTful Provisioning, we have published an Interacting
with ARIN guide, available at:

Log in today and check out these enhancements, or create your ARIN
Online account at: https://www.arin.net

Please send any questions, comments, or issues to: hostmaster at arin.net.


Mark Kosters
Chief Technical Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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