[arin-announce] Important NANOG/NewNOG Changes

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Mon Feb 7 12:59:05 EST 2011

Hello Everyone:

There have been two important changes recently to the structure of 
NANOG/NewNOG.  In short, NewNOG has received a transfer of the NANOG 
trademark and related resources from Merit, and created a Membership 
model that is different from the one employed previously by NANOG.

---- NANOG Asset Transfer----

As of Monday, February 7th, Merit will be transferring the NANOG 
trademark and related resources to NewNOG.  This includes the nanog.org 
domain, the NANOG log and the contents and archives of the NANOG mailing 
list and web site.

NewNOG and Merit are working on a transition plan to migrate the mailing 
list and web infrastructure by the end of March with minimal downtime.

For more information, please see our joint press release:


---- NewNOG Membership Model ----

NewNOG has adopted a subscription membership model, details of which can 
be found at http://www.newnog.org/membership-policy.php.  As a NewNOG 
Member, you are eligible to vote in NewNOG elections, run as a candidate 
for the Board of Directors, serve on administrative committees and other 
privileges as time progresses.

It is not necessary to become a NewNOG member to attend NANOG 
conferences; we will have our normally published rates for conference 
attendance that are separate and distinct from NewNOG Membership fees.  
But we would like to invite everyone in the ARIN community to become a 
NewNOG Member and participate in shaping NewNOG policy and NANOG 
conference content in the years to come.

To join, please visit https://www.newnog.org/join.php.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind Regards,

Michael K. Smith
NANOG/NewNOG Communications Committee Chair

Michael K. Smith - CISSP, GSEC, GISP
Chief Technical Officer - Adhost Internet LLC mksmith at adhost.com 
<mailto:mksmith at adhost.com>
w: +1 (206) 404-9500 f: +1 (206) 404-9050
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