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Tue May 11 11:00:25 EDT 2010

Bring the ARIN meeting to your own backyard! ARIN is looking for 
organizations interested in sponsoring network connectivity for our 2012 
Public Policy and Members Meetings. A quality network is critical to the 
success of the ARIN meeting, and by sponsoring you have a terrific 
opportunity to make ARIN XXIX or XXX a local event for you and your 
community! ARIN meetings have seen a healthy increase in remote 
participation, and we require a sturdy network as a backbone to our live 
webcasts, transcripts, and chat rooms to provide a level playing field 
for remote participants and attendees.

About Network Connectivity Sponsorship:

The network connectivity sponsor assists ARIN in determining the 
location of the meeting, and has the opportunity to highlight their 
support of the Internet community. ARIN requires its own wireless 
network at the meeting site, and we provide our own equipment and 
administration of the on-site network. We look to the network sponsor to 
provide us with both last mile connectivity and Internet transit. We 
require hotels that will allow us to install our own networking 
equipment and run our own wireless network.

Network sponsors must provide at least 25 Mbit/s of unfiltered, uncapped 
Internet transit to the meeting venue. ARIN prefers to have both IPv4 
and IPv6 transit; however IPv6 is not a requirement. The sponsor must 
provide either a /24 of IPv4 addresses or announce and route a /24 
provided by ARIN. If a sponsor offers IPv6 transit, it must provide 
either a /48 of IPv6 addresses or announce and route a /48 that ARIN 
provides. Tested and verified connectivity must be delivered to the 
hotel at least one week prior to the meeting, preferably earlier. ARIN 
staff will arrive, several days prior to the meeting to begin setup.

In addition, ARIN requires the network connectivity sponsor to provide 
whatever support, in terms of staffing and resources, is necessary 
before and during the meeting to ensure operational uptime and mitigate 
any problems that may arise with the connectivity. If possible, we also 
ask the network connectivity sponsor to provide two computers (laptops 
or desktops with monitor, mouse, and keyboard) and one network-capable 
printer for the ARIN Information Center.

As an organization in our region, we invite you to sponsor an event or 
function at this important and exciting gathering of the Internet 
community. We would like to hold our Spring 2012 meeting in Canada, and 
our Fall 2012 meeting in the United States.

Please note that ARIN’s Fall meetings are typically held back-to-back 
with NANOG meetings, requiring any potential sponsor to meet both ARIN 
and NANOG’s sponsorship requirements, as well as provide the necessary 
support and services for a longer time period.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

In addition to giving back to the community and contributing to a key 
part of ARIN’s mission through meeting network support, as this primary 
sponsor your organization will be prominently mentioned in all meeting 
materials (web and printed), be given the opportunity to make welcoming 
remarks during the meeting, receive free registrations for staff 
members, and possibly have your logo on the meeting give away.

Additional available sponsorship opportunities include exciting and 
popular social events, live webcasts, and meals and refreshment breaks.

To play a major role in these upcoming events and to help ARIN host its
2012 meetings, please respond to our event sponsorship invitation on or 
before Tuesday, 15 June 2010 by contacting Dé Harvey, ARIN's Meeting 
Planner, at dharvey at arin.net or by phone at 703-227-9878. You may also 
contact us using our web form, located at:


For complete details regarding ARIN Meeting Sponsorship, please refer to 
the brochure on our website at 

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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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