[arin-announce] ARIN Board Simplifies Membership Structure

Member Services info at arin.net
Wed Dec 30 12:27:02 EST 2009

During its meeting on 18 December, the Board of Trustees adopted Bylaws 
changes that simplify ARIN’s membership structure.

Beginning 1 January 2010, ARIN membership will be open to those 
organizations that have a signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA) 
or Legacy RSA with ARIN and hold Internet number resources under that 
agreement. Automatic Membership will continue to be granted to 
organizations with a direct allocation (generally service providers) of 
IPv4 or IPv6 address space under a signed RSA. Organizations with an AS 
number (ASN), or a direct assignment of address space from ARIN 
(generally end-user organizations), or that have a signed Legacy RSA 
have the option of becoming ARIN Members and participating in the 
governance of the organization.

Feel free to contact us at info at arin.net if you have any questions.


Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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