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Thu Oct 4 13:06:49 EDT 2007

The ARIN Board of Trustees has directed ARIN staff to revise the ARIN 
Fee Schedule, to both clarify some existing issues and to include 
information on IPv6 fee changes in the coming years. These revisions 
were approved by the Board over a series of meetings this year. The 
updated fee schedule, which takes effect today, 04 October 2007, is 
available at

For clarification on the issue of organizations holding IPv4 and IPv6 
allocations from ARIN under the same Organization ID (ORG ID), and to 
more closely match the ARIN Board of Trustees' original intention, the 
ARIN Fee Schedule has been revised to specifically cover the case 
mentioned above, and says the following:

     "Org IDs associated with both IPv4 and IPv6 Allocations
     Initial Allocation Registration Fee
     ARIN waives the IPv6 Initial Allocation Fee for organizations that 
hold a direct IPv4 allocation from ARIN, are current in any fees owed, 
and are approved for an IPv6 allocation under the same Organization ID 
(Org ID). Annual Subscription Renewal Fee
     Organizations holding direct allocations of both IPv4 and IPv6 
address space from ARIN under a single Org ID only pay the larger of the 
two annual subscription renewal fees. For example, if an organization 
owed $4,500 for an IPv4 allocation subscription renewal, and under the 
same Org ID had an IPv6 allocation subscription renewal which would be 
billed at $2,250, the organization would only pay the $4,500 to cover 
both IPv4 and IPv6 subscription renewals. Likewise, if the fee owed for 
IPv6 was larger, that larger amount would cover both IPv4 and IPv6 
subscription renewals under the same Org ID."

As stated, this is a clarification based on the Board's intent in 
establishing a revised IPv6 fee structure, which occurred at the meeting 
on 20 October 2004. This will generally take effect for most 
organizations with the expiration of the current IPv6 fee waiver, which 
is set for 31 December 2007.

In addition, the Board approved a multi-year fee waiver structure for 
IPv6 allocations that will take effect on 1 January 2008. Under this fee 
structure, IPv6 initial allocation and annual subscription renewal fees 
will be partially waived, at a declining annual rate, over the next four 
years. The amount of the waiver and the resulting fees are detailed in a 
table under the "Future IPv6 Waivers" section of the fee schedule at 

If you have questions about specific billing issues for your 
organization related to this change, please contact the Financial 
Services Help Desk at billing at arin.net or by phone at +1.703.227.9886.


Member Services Department
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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