[arin-announce] Result of Community Consultation - "Lame Delegation Information in WHOIS"

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Fri Nov 2 12:20:24 EDT 2007

Suggestion 2007.29, asking that ARIN implement the lame-delegation 
policy on a per-zone basis and not a per-network basis, was sent through 
the ARIN Consultation process.

Links to the consultation mailing list discussion are available on the 
ARIN website at:


Although the consultation resulted in minimal community feedback, ARIN 
feels that there is support for this change in operational practice.

ARIN will make this change with one enhancement. As part of the change, 
ARIN will also change WHOIS to indicate which portions of a network 
block are lame. Thus, the community will be able to tell that the 
omission of one or more delegations (/24's) out of the zone was done on 
purpose and would not be looked upon as a bug in the zone generation or 
resolution process.  The will be completed by the end of 2nd quarter 2008.


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