[arin-announce] IPv6 Deployment Discussion at ICANN Meeting

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Fri Mar 23 12:03:04 EDT 2007

There will be an IPv6 Deployment Panel discussion at the ICANN meeting 
in Lisbon on Sunday 25 March between 1pm and 3pm (UTC+1). The session 
will focus on IPv6 deployment in the root DNS and ISP environments as 
well as looking at the policy support needed for this.

The panel consists of Gert Doering from SpaceNet AG, who will discuss 
the ISP's view of IPv6 deployment, Joao Damas from Internet Systems 
Consortium who will discuss IPv6 deployment in the DNS and Alex Le Heux 
from the RIPE NCC who will give the RIR perspective.
The agenda and webcast links can be found on the meeting web site at:


the presentations will be made available before the session begins.

As well as webcasting the session, remote participation will be possible 
through the ICANN public participation site, which allows registered 
users to ask questions and comment in chatrooms and forums. Please feel 
free to submit questions to the panel in advance or during the session, 
or use the blog facility to write about it afterwards. The site can be 
found at:


and can be reached through IPv6 as well as IPv4.


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