[arin-announce] Reminder of June 1, 2006 ip6.int deprecation

Member Services memsvcs at arin.net
Thu Apr 6 08:11:12 EDT 2006

ARIN wishes to remind the community that the RIRs have agreed to 
deprecate ip6.int on June 1, 2006. As mentioned in our March 2 
announcement, in August 2005, RFC 4159 Deprecation of ip6.int was 
published as Best Current Practice. This RFC noted that maintenance of 
ip6.int is no longer required and that the Regional Internet Registries 
adopt a schedule for cessation of ip6.int. Further note that since 7 
December 2005, ARIN no longer modifies any of the zones it administers 
under ip6.int.

Ginny Listman
Director of Engineering
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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