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Thu Nov 17 14:01:14 EST 2005

Today, the Number Resource Organization (NRO) released a statement on 
the results of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The 
second and final phase of WSIS has been taking place this week in Tunis, 
Tunisia and, as you may have already seen in the media, an agreement was 
reached regarding the continued future of our existing open and 
bottom-up model of Internet governance.

The Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, is available at:


The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is satisfied with the result of 
the WSIS. It is a positive result that the role of governments inside 
the area of Internet governance has been clearly defined, and that there 
is a clear decision for governments not to become involved in the daily 
operational and technical matters of the Internet. This result, while 
recognizing the importance of full involvement of all stakeholders, 
allows for the continued successful operation of the Internet and is a 
successful outcome for the Internet community as a whole.

As highlighted at both ARIN Public Policy Meetings this year, our 
community already enjoys an effective and productive relationship with 
the governments in our region. We look forward to the continued 
participation of everyone in our community in the regional and global 
Internet number resource policy discussions to come.

I would like to thank all those in the ARIN community who made their 
opinions known, and while WSIS is now ending, the participation of all 
Internet stakeholders is more important than ever in future dialogues.

The NRO statement, titled "WSIS Reinforces the Regional Internet 
Registries (RIRs)," is available at:



Raymond A. Plzak,
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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