[arin-announce] NRO Releases Statements on WSIS Phase II and Internet Governance

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Sun Nov 13 08:48:00 EST 2005

In advance of the second phase of the World Summit on the Information 
Society (WSIS) meeting in Tunis, Tunisia, the Number Resource 
Organization (NRO) has published two important statements. The first is 
a direct statement about WSIS Phase II and what the NRO is hoping to 
achieve. The second statement, addressed to representatives of all 
governments across the world, presents the NRO positions as they relate 
to the topic of Internet Governance.

ARIN believes it is extremely important for those in its community to 
become familiar with the documents and to make their opinions known to 
those in positions of authority within their organizations and their 
representative governments.

The NRO Statement on WSIS Phase II is available at:


The NRO Statement on Internet Governance is available at:


For additional information on WSIS Phase II, which will be held November 
16-18, 2005 is available at:


In addition,  PrepCom-3 of the Tunis phase of WSIS will be reconvened 
for a three day session from November 13-15, 2005.


Raymond A. Plzak,
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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