[arin-announce] ARIN Extends Waiver of IPv6 Fees to All General Members in Good Standing

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Thu Dec 9 13:01:01 EST 2004

At its November 9, 2004, meeting, the ARIN Board of Trustees voted to
extend the current waiver of IPv6 fees to all General Members in good
standing for the period of January 1, 2005 until December 31, 2006.

This waiver is not extended to any outstanding IPv6-related fees that were
regularly invoiced in 2004.

Subscriber members (entities that currently pay for direct allocations)
and non-subscriber members (entities that pay the annual $500 membership
fee) who are in good standing will now have fees waived for two years.

Members requesting IPv6 address space must meet all of the qualifications
specified in the current IPv6 policy.

For more information on membership status and opportunities, see:


A new IPv6 fee schedule was adopted by the Board of Trustees at its
October 20th meeting and will be effective January 1, 2005:

Category	Fee (USD)	Assignment Size
allocation 	$1,250 		/48
Small 		$2,250 		/32
Medium 		$4,500 		/30 - /31
Large 		$9,000 		/27 - /29
X-large 	$18,000 	/22 - /26
XX-Large 	$36,000 	/21 or greater

Complete Board meeting minutes are available at:

November 9 Meeting:

October 20 Meeting:


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