[arin-announce] NRO Memorandum of Understanding Signed

Member Services memsvcs at arin.net
Mon Oct 27 15:54:01 EST 2003

After considering all comments received, the RIR Boards
developed a further revision of the NRO MoU.  They
subsequently directed their respective CEOs to sign
the document.

The RIR CEOs signed the NRO MoU during the ARIN members
meeting in Chicago at 0900 (CDT), 24 October 2003.

"The Number Resource Organization" document can be found
on the ARIN web site at:


The RIR Boards in general and the ARIN Board of Trustees in
particular would like to stress that they will continue
working together with the community to refine the NRO's

I would like to thank the community for their support in
this process.

Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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