[arin-announce] ARIN Releases Training Module on Website

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Mon Jan 13 14:11:05 EST 2003

As part of our continuing efforts to provide education and training to
the ARIN community, we have published a computer-based training (CBT)
module on the ARIN website to provide instruction on understanding
ARIN's Database and Templates.

This on-line training module uses the content from ARIN's "On the Road"
Database and Template Conversion training sessions given around the ARIN
region last summer. This CBT was first delivered at a Learning Center
in October 2002, at our Public Policy and Members Meetings in Eugene,
Oregon. For those who missed the earlier training opportunities, or who
have additional questions, this is a great chance to learn how to interact
with ARIN's database and learn how to utilize our templates. It is designed
to be helpful to a broad audience, and to allow you to learn at your own
pace. You can complete it all at once, or come back to relevant points in
the future.

The focus of the training is to describe the features of ARIN's
database, and the areas of authority involved with using our
templates. The training also covers in detail the Org and POC templates
and the 5 SWIP-replacement templates (Reassign-Simple, Reassign-Detailed,
Reallocation, Net-Mod, and Net-Name-Change).

The ARIN Database and Templates CBT is available through the
Training Section of our website at URL:


After taking the training module, we would appreciate hearing your
feedback at training at arin.net.

Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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