[arin-announce] New Statistics Format Released

Ginny Listman ginny at arin.net
Fri Dec 5 12:22:35 EST 2003

ARIN has been working along with APNIC, LACNIC and RIPE NCC to provide 
number resource statistics in a unified format and location. The following 
changes will be made to the existing statistics reporting:

    - Addition of IPv6 allocations
    - Report generated daily
    - Summary lines are included
    - Reports are signed with GPG key
    - MD5 hash is provided for verification
    - Minor changes in format

We understand that many researchers have scripts that pull these reports 
on a regular basis and/or perform analysis based on the current format. To 
facilitate the change and acceptance of the new format, ARIN will run the 
old and new format from now until January 5, 2004. We have also included a 
README file in the directory defining the new format. During this time 
period the location of the stats will be:

   Current format: ftp://ftp.arin.net/pub/stats/arin/latest
   New format: ftp://ftp.arin.net/pub/stats/arin/new/delegated-arin-latest

On and after January 5, 2004, the only set of stats will be located at:


Comments concerning the publicly released statistics can be addressed on 
the DBWG mailing list.

Ginny Listman
Director of Engineering

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