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ARIN welcomes feedback and discussion about the following policy
proposal in the weeks leading to the ARIN Public Policy Meeting
in Eugene, Oregon, scheduled for October 30-31, 2002. All feedback
received on the mailing list about this policy proposal will be
included in the discussions that will take place at the upcoming
Public Policy Meeting.

This policy proposal discussion will take place on the ARIN Public
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Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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Policy Proposal 2002-4: Bulk Copies of ARIN WHOIS

Policy 2001-7 allows organizations to obtain bulk copies of ARIN WHOIS
data, minus point of contact information, after signing ARIN's
acceptable use policy for bulk WHOIS data.

Many organizations require the bulk WHOIS data, and also need the
accompanying point of contact information.  Although the point of
contact information is not currently supplied with the bulk copies of
ARIN WHOIS data, it is openly available by submitting individual queries
to ARIN's WHOIS servers.

Organizations may currently obtain bulk copies of WHOIS data from APNIC
and RIPE NCC that include point of contact information, but continue to
have to obtain the data from ARIN's WHOIS services, one query at a time.

The following policy is proposed:

  ARIN will provide a bulk copy of WHOIS output, including point
  of contact information, on the ARIN site for download by any
  organization that wishes to obtain the data providing they
  agree to ARIN's acceptable use policy.

It is also proposed the existing ARIN Bulk WHOIS Acceptable Use

##The ARIN WHOIS data is for Internet operational or technical research
purposes pertaining to Internet operations only.  It may not be used for
advertising, direct marketing, marketing research, or similar purposes.
Use of the ARIN WHOIS data for these activities is explicitly forbidden.
ARIN requests to be notified of any such activities or suspicions

...be applied in the implementation of any policy that results from this
policy proposal with the addition of the following text:

Redistributing bulk ARIN WHOIS data is explicitly forbidden. It is
permissible to publish the data an individual query or small number of
queries at a time, as long as reasonable precautions are taken to
prevent automated querying by database harvesters.

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