[arin-announce] ARIN Board of Trustees Nominations for 2002 Election

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Fri Oct 11 18:06:00 EDT 2002

An open call for nominations for the ARIN Board of Trustees was made on
July 29, 2002 with a stated closing date of September 30, 2002.  The
call explained that there are two seats to be filled beginning January
1, 2003, and that the Nomination Committee is required to send at least
two (2) candidates per open seat to the general membership for a vote.
As a result of that open call for nominations, the following individuals
have been confirmed as nominees for the upcoming ARIN Board of Trustees

  David Conrad
  Bill Woodcock

Due to the low number of nominations received for the ARIN Board of
Trustees, the ARIN 2002 Nomination Committee has decided to extend the
nominations period.  Effective today, the nominations period for the
ARIN Board of Trustees has been reopened.  Nominations must be received
by 23:59 EDT October 15, 2002 in order to be eligible.

Further details about the nominations process is provided below.

Considering the ever changing Internet environment of which the Regional
Internet Registry system is involved, the nominations committee implores
ARIN Members to participate in this nominations process.

Best Regards,

Scott Bradner
ARIN 2002 Nomination Committee


Nomination Procedure

To nominate an individual for the ARIN Board of Trustees:

Use the ARIN 2002 Nomination Election Form on the ARIN 
website (http://www.arin.net/elections/arinnomform.html)
or submit the required information below to 
bot-nominations at arin.net: 

  Name of nominee 
  E-mail address 
  Phone number 
  Name of person making the nomination
  Organization of person making the nomination
  E-mail address of person making the nomination 

All nominees will be contacted via e-mail to verify that they accept
their nomination and to request biographical information. If they cannot
be reached, the nomination will not be accepted. 


ARIN's Board of Trustees is responsible for the business affairs, 
financial health, and property of ARIN. Board nominees should be able to
demonstrate experience in performing fiduciary duties at the corporate 
level and making high-level budgetary, contractual, or other 
corporate/executive decisions. Board nominees should be available to 
attend several board meetings a year. 

There are three ways to become a candidate for a seat on the Board of 

  1. Be nominated by an ARIN member. Nominees do not have to be ARIN 
  2. If you are an ARIN member, you may self-nominate. 
  3. Nomination by petition as described below. 

  Nominations for the Board may be made without the Nomination
  Committee's participation by presenting a petition signed by 
  5% of the total ARIN membership. Current ARIN membership 
  totals 1,840; therefore ninety two (92) members will be required 
  to send statements of support to elections at arin.net in order for 
  the petitioning candidate to be nominated 

Per the ARIN Bylaws, a Nomination Committee has been formed to aid 
in the Board of Trustees election process. The seven-member 2002 
Nomination Committee members are: 

  Board Representatives: Scott Bradner, Bill Manning 
  Advisory Council Representatives: Bill Darte, Barbara Roseman 
  General Members Representatives: Daniel Salama, IFX Corporation; 
          Miguel Fernandez, Prima SA; Kris Foster, Telus 

The Nomination Committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting 
nominees, in addition to certifying a properly selected list of
candidates for the Board of Trustees. The Nomination Committee is 
required to send at least two (2) candidates per open seat to the 
general membership for a vote. 

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