ARIN Database and Template Transition

Richard Jimmerson richardj at
Tue Feb 12 16:08:05 EST 2002

ARIN will transition to a new database and templates in
June of 2002.

Over the past year, ARIN has developed requirements for the
new database with input from members of the ARIN user community 
at ARIN meetings and on the DB Working Group mailing list, 
dbwg at

A training program describing the new database and templates is 
currently under development.  This training program will be offered 
in person at the upcoming ARIN meeting in April, and on-line for 
those who are unable to attend the meeting.  Training will focus 
primarily on the new objects of the ARIN database and the newly 
designed templates.  The newly designed templates are available 
now at:

The templates incorporate the comments submitted via the DB Working
Group with the efforts of Registration Services and Engineering 
Departments.  ARIN is providing these templates well in advance of 
the conversion, and is encouraging those ISPs that have auto-generated
SWIPs to revise those scripts, and submit templates as beta tests.

ARIN will solicit beta testers from the community for the new database 
and templates.  Participation will be open to all interested parties.  
More information about beta testing will soon become available.


Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) 

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