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Wed Sep 26 11:36:08 EDT 2001

At the ARIN Open Policy and Member Meeting in San Francisco (2-4 Apr 2001)
there was consensus that RWHOIS was in dire need of repair.  This echoed
similar sentiments that had been raised on various mail lists.  In
response to this desire, work begun on "fixing" RWHOIS.

On September 6, ARIN's Engineering Department announced the release of a
beta version of the RWHOIS software.  Details are at:

Since that time, there has been approximately 30 downloads from our ftp
site.  I have receive only one comment from someone who had problems
compiling the software.

My questions to the community are:

1. Is RWHOIS an option for your company to replace SWIP?
2. If you haven't download it yet, do you plan on downloading at a later
time?  Are you busy establishing a test site?
3. If you have downloaded it, have you done any testing?  Have you found
any bugs?  Can you make any recommendations for improvement?
4. Is investing in RWHOIS development a good allocation of ARIN
Engineering resources?

These issues will be discussed at the ARIN Member Meeting scheduled for
late October in Miami.  However, discussing these questions now will help
facilitate that discussion.  Please send all responses to dbwg at

Ginny Listman
Director of Engineering
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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