ASO AC Online Election Now Open

Member Services memsvcs at
Mon Oct 22 09:13:51 EDT 2001

I apologize for the duplicate message you will receive if you are the ARIN
member representative for your firm.

Designated member representatives of ARIN may vote starting
today through 6:00 PM, Monday October 29 for one candidate to fill the
seat open on the ICANN ASO Address Council from the ARIN region. Raimundo
Beca currently hold this seat and  his term expires December 31. This
election is to fill the seat for a three year term beginning January 1,
2002. There are seven candidates running to fill the one seat.

If you are the designated member representative, you are encouraged to
participate and follow the instructions at the 2001 ARIN Voting Booth.
Note that after you vote you must send back a confirmation email.

Please go to url below to participate in the election:

If you have any difficulty voting, please contact Member Services
at memsvcs at

Susan Hamlin
Director, Member Services

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