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Thu May 17 16:17:49 EDT 2001

When ARIN began operations, one of the tasks that it took over
from the InterNIC was the generation of the zone file for the domain. In order to correct long-standing issues
with the data in the zone file, new software is being deployed. 

ARIN policy states that allocation subscribers with networks 
of /16 or shorter prefix are responsible for maintaining all domain records for reassignments within the block.
They must also provide to ARIN the host names of the 
nameservers hosting any delegations. ARIN will continue to 
host domain records for delegations of networks with prefixes 
longer than /16.

The zone will contain delegations for any /8 
containing nameservers within ARIN's database. For address 
space not covered via these delegations, the 
domain will contain delegations for /16's with nameservers.  
For address space still not delegated and as mentioned above, 
the domain will contain delegations of /24's for 
networks longer than a /16 containing in-addr nameservers.  
In all cases, the most specific reassignment with nameservers 
at each octet boundary will prevail.

ARIN is making every effort to ensure that any impact from 
these changes will not disrupt name services.  
If you have concerns whether name services will 
be impacted for your networks, please review examples of the 
changes to occur at:

If you still have concerns after reviewing these examples, 
please direct specific questions about your networks to 
inaddr at  We have tentatively scheduled implementation
of the new process for late May or early June. A specific date 
will be announced several days prior to the cut-over on both 
the arin-announce and nanog mailing lists.


Ginny Listman
Director of Engineering

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