ARIN Board Approves Bylaw Changes

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Thu May 3 11:09:45 EDT 2001

At its March meeting, the ARIN Board of Trustees enacted the
following revisions to ARIN's bylaws:

o  Board membership was increasd from 6 to 7 trustees 
   to prevent the possibility of a voting deadlock

o  The quorum requirement for the Board was changed 
   from two-thirds to a majority

o  The number of signatures needed on a petition for 
   nomination to the Board was decreased

o  The process of making nominations by petition was 
   added to the Advisory Council election process

o  The Nominating Committee was increased from 6 to 7 
   members by adding an additional representative 
   from the General Membership.

Also during the meeting, the following were reelected: John Curran as
Chairman, Scott Bradner as Secretary, and Michael Straty as Treasurer.

Minutes of the meeting are located on ARIN's website at

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