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OPEN CALL for ASO Address Council Nominations from ARIN Region
This is an open call for nominations to fill one seat on the ASO Address
Council that becomes vacant with the expiration of Raimundo Beca's term on
December 31, 2001.  The elected representative must be willing to serve a
three (3) year term beginning January 1, 2002. If you are interested in
nominating an individual or if you are interested in being nominated as a
member of the Address Council, please carefully read the document below
which describes the functions of the ASO, the Address Council and the role
of the council members.

Please visit
to submit your nominations. Nominations will be accepted until
23:59 EDT August 31, 2001.

Susan Hamlin
Director, Member Services

1. The Address Supporting Organization
The ASO was created through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was
executed on October 18, 1999 between the current Regional Internet
Registries and ICANN. The ASO is a consensus-based advisory body
established within the ICANN Framework. The ICANN bylaws assign to the ASO
the responsibility for the development of global policies relating to the
distribution and registration of Internet address space, interdomain
routing identifiers, and the part of the DNS name space that is used to
name these addresses and identifiers.
Normally, proposals for global policies within the area of ASO
responsibility will be developed within context of the RIRs' policy
development forums, and then forwarded to ICANN through the ASO.
Submissions by interested parties and other ICANN bodies will also be
considered by this organization.  The ASO is responsible for the
appointment of three (3) Directors to ICANN, in accordance with ICANN's
The ASO conducts its business in an open and transparent fashion.
 2. The Address Council
The Address Council is responsible for managing the business functions of
the ASO. Each RIR selects three (3) individuals to serve as members of the
Address Council.  
Using the MoU-defined procedures as a guideline, Address Council members
manage the policy development process in the areas where the ASO is
responsible. Specifically, this includes the periodic hosting of an open
General Assembly of the ASO, as well as the management of policy
development activities.
The other major role of the Address Council is the appointment of
Directors to the ICANN Board of Directors. The Address Council follows the
procedures described in the MoU, using an open call for nominations and an
open process of selection.
 3. The Role of Members of the Address Council
Members of the Address Council will not receive any compensation or
reimbursement of expenses from the ASO. They will not be indemnified by
the ASO, nor will the ASO obtain insurance coverage relating to the
liability of the actions of members of the Address Council.
Council members will not represent any RIR, nor act as a 
representative of any other body. The Council members are appointed in
their individual capacity, and their membership shall not be proxied by
any other individual or organization.
Upon request, ARIN will pay ASO AC meeting travel expenses for the three
representatives it votes onto the Address Council.

 4. Address Council Nominations Process
Any individual may be nominated within this process, with the exception of
staff members of any Regional Internet Registries. Self-nominations are
permitted. Please visit to submit
your nominations. The following information is required:
        Name of Nominee
        *Email Address
        Postal Address
        Phone number
	Biographical information: (highlight track record of serving 
	Internet community in ARIN's region)
       Motivation for nomination
Time Schedule:

August 31, 2001 (23:59 EDT):  Deadline for submission of nominations
through the form above. 

During the first week of September, all nominees will be contacted via
email to confirm their willingness to serve as an Address Council member.
*If the nominee is not reachable via email then the nomination will not be
September 14, 2001: All confirmed nominations will be listed on the ARIN
web site with biographical information. A procedure to allow others to
express support for nominated individuals will be published on this web
October 2001: ARIN will provide an online system on its web site for
holding the ASO AC election. Online voting for ARIN members will open one
week prior to the ARIN VIII Public Policy Meeting (PPM) and close at 6:00
PM of the first day of the PPM. All attendees (except RIR staff) present
during day one of the fall Public Policy meeting will be able to vote

The winner of the election will be announced during day two of the ARIN
VIII Public Policy meeting.

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