IPv6 Reassignment Policy

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Tue Nov 7 17:47:17 EST 2000

At the last ARIN Open Policy meeting there was no consensus among 
the members whether ARIN should adopt the proposed IAB/IESG allocation 
policy.  The main point of the proposed policy was that the minimum 
IPv6 address allocation should be a prefix of the length  /48.  The 
sentiment of the members was that this issue needed to be discussed in 
further detail.  The presentation and minutes from the discussion on 
this topic are located at:


The policy had been presented at the RIPE meeting in September and at 
the APNIC meeting held after the ARIN meeting.  Both RIPE NCC and 
APNIC have agreed to adopt the policy.

ARIN is the only region that has not adopted the policy.  ARIN hasn't 
formally rejected it either.  Now is the time to discuss the proposed 
policy and either adopt it or propose a strong alternative and present 
that to the other RIRs.

To facilitate this discussion, a new working group (the IPv6 Working 
Group) has been established.  Bill Manning (a member of the ARIN
Advisory Council) has volunteered to chair the group.  The email 
address of the group is v6wg at arin.net.  To subscribe to this mailing 
list, please visit:


If you have an opinion about this proposal, please subscribe to the 
list and participate in the discussion.  Your feedback, whether you 
are a member of ARIN or not, is the most important element of the 
policy development process in the ARIN region.

Ray Plzak

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