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Barry Skeenes bskeenes at
Mon Jun 5 14:08:03 EDT 2000

All ISPs that receive IP addresses directly from ARIN are automatically
extended membership, and are entitled, among other things, to participate in
discussions that address IP-related issues. Since ARIN is directed by its
membership, it is important for each subscribing customer to be given the
means by which to express opinions and to debate issues relative to their
needs and concerns.

All new subscription customers are sent an email message, which welcomes
them as a new member and indicates two mailing lists to which they have been
subscribed. Anyone may request to be taken off either of these lists, but in
order to keep your organization apprised of all related matters, please
identify someone else from your organization to serve as your member
representative. If you so choose, you may unsubscribe to either list by
emailing majordomo at with the words "unsubscribe <list-name>" (ex:
unsubscribe arin-discuss) in the body of the message, or by sending a
request to member-services at

We hope that you will remain active on these mailing lists so that we might
gain a broader perspective on important discussions. Thank you for your
cooperation and we look forward to your valued input in the future.


Barry Skeenes
ARIN Member Services

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