RIR Global Policy Recommendation

Kim Hubbard kimh at arin.net
Mon Jan 31 16:35:36 EST 2000

Below is a global policy recommention submitted by the RIRs to the ASO AC.
Discussion is currently taking place on the ASO policy mailing list. If you
have comments on this document or just agree or disagree with it, please
let us hear from you. Please sign onto aso-policy at aso.icann.org and send in
your comments.

Kim Hubbard 

Proposal for a Global Policy Defining the
Delegation of Addresses by the ICANN


The purpose of this proposal is to recommend that the global policy found
herein, which clarifies the role of the ICANN in delegating IP addresses,
be adopted by the organizations within the Internet registry system. This
policy defines the role of the recognized RIRs as having sole
responsibility for making all IP allocations, and that of the ICANN as
distributing IP addresses only to the RIRs and to no other organizations.
It is requested herein that the Address Council within the ASO recommend to
the ICANN Board adoption of this matter.


Under the past and current policies and practices of the RIRs and the
overall Internet registry system, the RIRs are solely responsible for
allocating and assigning IP addresses to requesting organizations that
qualify to receive them. This is their primary function and reason for

The ICANN is responsible for coordination of all IP address space with the
designated RIRs and has been recognized in the past by the RIRs as the
authority for IP address numbers and ASNs. ICANN is responsible then for
delegating IP addresses to the RIRs for their further allocation to
customer organizations, based solely on demonstrated need - a necessary
restriction since the amount of available IP numbers is limited. As RIRs
need additional blocks of addresses, they request space from the ICANN in
order to continue allocating IP numbers to qualified organizations, i.e.,
those that satisfy
the justification and/or utilization requirements.

IP requests can come from various organizations, and in different forms
according to regional policy. It is the responsibility of the RIRs to
ensure that the requesting entity demonstrate a justified need for the IP
addresses in accordance with global and local policies.

 Proposed Global Policy

There are three global policies presented herein that are proposed for
adoption, as identified below.

(1)  The ICANN distributes address space only to a recognized RIR and does not
 make allocations or assignments directly to any other organization.

(2)  If ICANN, or its affiliates or subordinate entities, is in need of
address space for its own use, a request will be made to the RIR
responsible for the region wherein the ICANN (or the requesting entity)
resides. Appropriate criteria, according to established guidelines, must be
met in order to receive an allocation.

(3)  If ICANN receives a request directly from another organization, the
requesting entity will be referred to the appropriate RIR.

The ICANN and its subordinate entities are designed to operate in an open
and ransparent manner consistent with procedures developed to ensure
fairness. In this spirit, it is in the public's best interest for the ICANN
and the RIRs to treat every organization (including themselves) equally. It
thus is appropriate for all entities, including the ICANN, to formally
submit a request for address space when needed for its own purposes, to the
appropriate RIR, and to follow the justification requirements that all other
organizations must follow. This ensures that the limited amount of IP
address space, an
important public resource, is distributed fairly to all those in need of
its use.


It is important that all organizations requesting IP address space be held
to applicable guidelines and procedures equally and fairly. It is how the
registry system works. To do otherwise could be perceived by the industry
as a loosely wheeled system having no accountability.

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