Corrected URL for ASO nominations

Kim Hubbard kimh at
Thu Sep 23 11:27:37 EDT 1999

Sorry, the correct URL to submit ASO nominees is


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> Subject: ASO Address Council Nominations deadline
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> The deadline for submitting nominations for the ASO Address Council is
> tomorrow!  September 24th!  For information on how to nominate someone (or
> yourself) for the AC go to
> <>
> While you're there check out the form for nominating someone for the ICANN
> Board of Directors.  We need to make sure there are people on the ICANN board
> that are IP clueful so if you'd like to perform a service to the Internet
> Community and feel you (or someone you know) could help out by sharing your
> clue....please send in your nomination for the ICANN Board of Directors.
> Thanks,
> Kim

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